As promised in February 2021 the Charmac Merino Stud is preparing to set the Merino industry on fire once more!

Following the exceptional success of their annual February merino production sale, Charmac Merino stud proudly announces their next auction date – 03 August 2021.

“Together with our loyal team we are hard at work at selecting some of the finest merino genetics for your consideration. The August sale will be comprised out of 50 excellent horned and polled rams and 700 young/mature ewes
from the Charmac Stud and other guest sellers.”

This sale promises outstanding genetics and ANOTHER first to shock the industry!!
Keep an eye out for what is to come.


Looking back at the 24 February 2021 sale, Charmac Merinos made history when they announced that they were preparing to roll out the first ever Merino-Auction catalogue. This initiative truly separated the cream from the crop!
Their Merinos reached average prices of R14 540. The highest priced ram was sold for a gigantic R46 000 to
Sandre Erasmus (Jnr&Snr).

“Helping Farmers Enhance Their Flocks since 1964”


Auction Date:

Date: Tuesday, 03 August 2021
Time: 11H30 am
Venue: Houdconstant, Graaff-Reinet, Eastern Cape