We help farmers enhance their flock’s meat and wool production.

Our Next Production Sale

23 February 2022
Houdconstant, Graaff-Reinet








Our strain has the proven ability to perform on veld in production and reproduction.


The visual conformation and wool characteristics to compete and be successful on VELD SHOWS


Our breeding values have increased dramatically and we can claim to be the most successful medium/fine wool producer of TOP rams making an impact in the BLUP SIRE RATINGS.

past sales

Highest Priced Rams

August 2021

Bought by Billy van Zyl from Cradock for R28 000

February 2021

Bought by Sandre Erasmus (Jnr and Snr) from Cradock for R42 000

February 2020

Bought by Richard Haupt & Andre Bothma from Glencoe for R24 000

August 2019

Bought by David & Lloyd Short from Graaff-Reinet for R19000

August 2018

Bought by Jose & Nollie Bester from Moorreessburg for R50 000

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Our Genetics

The cornerstone of our breeding program.

447 17 230 (Abdul)

Special Poll sire with excellent quality white wool and length of body to go with.

1832 16 644 (Wragtag)

One of the most widely used sires in the country. His progeny are showing great potential for 2021.

1856 17 107 (Henri)

Superb earn maturing ram with deep barrel and classic wool..

1856 17 226 (Janhond)

An exceptional sire from the legendary Dawid Line, with robust head and well nourished wool.

447 16 091 (Amarula)

The ultimate South African Poll sire with the Charmac wool we strive to breed.

225 15 007 (Zippo)

A block of a ram with plenty wool. He was introduced in 2019.

The emphasis of our breeding program has been based on

The selection emphasis was on a plain bodied sheep with:



The ability of our animals to produce and reproduce in the harsh conditions of the Karoo.



A well-rounded body with a high meat to bone ratio and adequate fat deposits.



Virile rams and ewes that produce multiples of progeny annually.


Milk Production

This is selected indirectly as a result of multiple births and requirements to feed these lambs.


Mothering Ability

The strict selection of ewes that are able to rear some multiple births.

In the fleece the emphasis was on:






Clean yield


Uniformity of a medium to fine wool

Charmac Merinos are the way to go! They are driven by quality and excellence. Throughout the years Charmac Merinos have managed to source only the best of the best during every annual auction. I look forward to see what you guys will be showcasing at your next auction!
Johan Rheeder

Charmac Merinos are one of the top breeders in the Eastern Cape. Showcasing rams with impeccable genetics. They are different in so many ways, including the fact they they are one of the few breeders that mind keeping track of their ewes! Job well done Charmac Merino!

Elias Louw

The McNaughtons have proven time and time again why they were a part of the change in the South African merino. Excellent genetic breeds and top-quality wool are what Charmac Merinos stand for. You are at the fore front of your industry and will continue to impress!

Janey Ashton


Sale Report, 03 August 2021

The 35th Charmac Sale held at Houdconstant, on the 3rd of August 2021, was a pleasant winter’s day. Drought conditions put the local market for rams under severe pressure. Thankfully buyers from across SA turned up to acquire quality rams and ewes! 23 Flock rams were...

Charmac Merino Studs’ 35th Production Sale

As promised in February 2021 the Charmac Merino Stud is preparing to set the Merino industry on fire once more! Following the exceptional success of their annual February merino production sale, Charmac Merino stud proudly announces their next auction date – 03 August...

The Charmac Factor has been applying modern selection methods of performance and progeny testing.